Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Abbot Kinney

Boho style comes from places like Abbot Kinney in Venice where all the bohemian chic clothes and jewelry you could wear can be found on several blocks. There are countless shops and eateries along this street, but today we'll start with Vert, Primitivo, and Joe's.

Vert offers organic and green (hence the name) products from candles to make-up which allow you to subtly enhance your style. Whether you choose to decorate your home with fragrant candles (which you can pair with a matching fragrances to wear), or use their environmentally friendly beauty products, you will enjoy shopping in this open minimalist shop. They offer everything from cleaning products to hair products, all made with the environment or your health in mind. For a limited time, they are having a 50% off sale on their Bare Escentuals Mineral make-up products, so hurry in if you want to take advantage of this great make-up at an unbelievable price. They will be offering their items online soon, so if you don't live in the area, you can shop here (virtually) in the near future.

Maybe after all that shopping you are hungry for a small bite or a nice glass of wine. Head over to Primitivo Wine bar just down the street. Their selection of Old and New world whites and reds includes some nice half bottle selections like a Cote de Brouilly. If you go for their happy hour they offer sangria for only $3. A menu of tapas is available here, but the portions tend to be about as big as an entree, so order only one plate to share before dinner, or it will be your dinner.

Dinner at Joe's (next door to Primitivo) is a great way to end the evening. Some days they offer a prix fixe menu for both lunch ($18) and dinner ($61), so choose that menu if you can't decide between the grilled Fijian Escolar or the Duck confit. I was very impressed that they offer a cabecou cheese (a French goat cheese) salad on one of their lunch menus. I have never seen cabecou offered anywhere outside of France, but I have also never seen Tasmanian Sea Bass offered anywhere else in Los Angeles. Service is efficient, friendly and delivered with a genuine smile. This is one neighborhood restaurant that has earned it's regional reputation for excellent food at reasonable prices.

This is just some of the boho world on a small street in Venice, but sometimes you can find all you want without leaving home, just like Dorothy. You might even find some ruby slippers in your size.

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