Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jet Taxi

How much is your time worth? With all the hassles and lines at commercial airports these days, and with the price of gas here in CA reaching the $5 per gallon mark, would it be worth your time and money to get to your destination quickly, easily, and almost hassle-free? Have you always wanted to fly in a Cessna, or wanted to take a jet, but don't have the funds or connections to make it happen? What if you could get to your destination in a private jet? It's a choice we all have now with the jet taxi services which allow you to take them on demand, just as you would a taxi; think of it as an air taxi service. Now you can live the life of a jetsetter with a jet taxi service that operates in the Southeast and Northeast for a very reasonable price.

Imagine Air operates primarily around the Southeast area, originating out of Atlanta. Their fleet is expanding so their flight ranges will also extend, but for the moment, you can fly with two of your friends, from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC, then to Hilton Head Island, and back to Atlanta in a day for about $2000! Talk about affordable jet setting! The even offer a frequent flier type membership that gives you 20% off flights.

Are you stuck in New York but want to fly to Nantucket without the hassles of airports or driving? What if you could do it for only $500 per person (not including fees and taxes)? Linear Air has flights all over the Northeast and down to Imagine Air territory, so you can actually connect from one VLJ (Very Light Jet) taxi to another and fly from New York to Atlanta on a jet without any of the hassles of commercial airport security.

To fly on a jet or not to fly on a jet? Seems that is no longer a question if you can hail a jet taxi for your flight.